Still 200 lbs. thinner and talking back against the oppressive language of fitness culture

Me at the beginning of the journey and recently. Photo: Author

I thought I’d do a follow-up piece to “200 lbs. Thinner — It Tests Your Work Ethic, Integrity, Diplomacy, and Grit” for a couple of reasons.

Haters gonna hate

Statistically, most weight loss efforts fail. Sadly, even with bariatric…

There’s baggage behind that protest.

Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash

Look back on some of the first dates you’ve had, dating app profiles you’ve seen, or any of the getting-to-know-you interactions you’ve had, and you’ve likely encountered these phrases…

“I’m laid-back and drama-free…”

“If you’re looking for drama, please look elsewhere…”

“No drama…”

Seeing or hearing any of these phrases…

Gina Sideris

Reinventing myself in middle age — first, breaking out of denial that I am old… then making the most of life while still on the topside of the grass.

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